Dr. White has written in a wide variety of media, both in the academic and public space. She has authored books, magazine features, journal articles, editorials, book reviews, blogs and poetry. A sample of her writings can be found below.


Inside Everyday Stress Relief, you’ll find:

  • The biology of stress―Understand how your hormones respond to stress, and how that affects your brain and body.
  • Take action―Writing and reflection exercises help you process feelings and decompress from specific stressful situations.
  • Mindfulness made easy―Discover ways to feel present, focus on what is happening, and more deeply experience your life.

See how Everyday Stress Relief (available May 26) can help you take control of yourself and feel ready to face each day.

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workbook coverEffective and easy-to-follow, her latest book (available June 19, Althea Press) The Stress Management Workbook will teach you to:

  • Identify sources of stress through checklists, quizzes, and other informative activities
  • Set personal stress management goals that will prepare you for the work you’re about to do
  • Learn to handle stress in the moment with interactive exercises that require no more than one, five, or ten minutes
  • Build long-term strategies that support your personal goals and foster positive lifestyle changes for a more fulfilling life

A happier, stress-free life is within reach. Learn how to change the way you respond to stress in your daily life with the practical guidance in The Stress Management Workbook.

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Preventing Bipolar Relapse: A lifestyle program to help you maintain balanced moods and live well (New Harbinger, 2014) is a science-based lifestyle program that focuses on Sleep, Nutrition, Activity and People (SNAP) to reduce the likelihood, frequency and intensity of manic, depressive or mixed episodes of bipolar disorder. The knowledge and strategies in the book help the reader develop: 1. good sleep hygiene; 2. healthy eating habits that promote mental health; 3. a program of physical activity; and, 4. healthy and supportive interpersonal relationships.



Bipolar 101: A practical guide to identifying triggers, managing medications, coping with symptoms and more (New Harbinger, 2009) is a straightforward guide to understanding bipolar disorder. Authored by both a psychologist and a mental health expert who has bipolar disorder herself, this pocket guide is the only book on bipolar disorder you’ll ever need. The book covers all the main aspects of bipolar disorder including depression and mania and addresses strategies for intervention, and prevention of symptoms, including medication, sleep, exercise, nutrition and interpersonal relationships.  



Global Case Studies in Maternal and Child Health (Jones & Bartlett, 2012) was written for students in public health, medical, and allied health professions, this text develops critical and analytical thinking skills through real-life practice models. The book brings to life ethical, theoretical and conceptual ideas discussed in primary texts, through the analysis of lived stories of maternal and child health programs in countries around the world, including Brazil, Nepal, New Zealand, Haiti, Malawi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Guatemala, Uganda, among others. 


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