“I was impressed by breadth of strategies suggested for managing stress. From, at-work strategies to nutrition and simply being outside, I learned a lot about what I can do now”. Ramin Taleghani, Software Engineer

Dr. White’s talk about the stigma of mental illness was engaging, practical and thought-provoking. Using examples from popular culture, and her life, she illustrates the process and outcomes of stigmatization, with support from the research literature. She helps the audience explore their biases against people living with mental illness, and provides strategies for challenging them.“ Jeffrey L. Edleson, PhD, Dean and Professor, School of Social Welfare, University of California, Berkeley.

Dr. White gave an engaging, interactive 50-minute talk. She masterfully balanced observations from research and personal experiences. The lecture was followed by a lively discussion. Several months later the students continue to refer to Dr. White’s talk as a “transformative experience“. Katia Mitova, Director, Center for Academic Excellence, Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Ruth White’s presentation on cultural awareness brought new insight and opened doors to a group of engineers who are doing engineering projects in the developing world. Her presentation was insightful and engaging and demonstrated the need for a community practice rather than an engineering fix. Ms White was able to cross communication lines and was able to appeal to a more technical based audience. Engineers Without Borders – USA found her presentation to be on target and in-line with our methodology and values.“ Catherine Leslie, P. E., Executive Director, Engineers Without Borders – USA

Her reasoned, well-supported, and personalized expert affidavit was invaluable in supporting our client’s petition. His success is due in no small part to her voluntary contribution of time and expertise to his pro bono case.“ Victoria Murphy, Sidley Austin LLP

She has mentored dozens of young professionals, including myself, to pursue careers and experiences that are enriching professionally and personally. We trust her because she follows her own advice.“ Aerica Shimizu Banks, Patent Analyst, Google; Truman-Albright Fellow; Weidenfeld Scholar (Oxford University)

Ruth is a truly unique combination of dizzying intellect and fierce passion. I truly believe that if anyone can change the world for the better, she can. I count myself lucky to have had the chance to both know her, and work with her.“ Leyla Farah, Director, Account Management, Oracle

Community Health Workers with their certificates after their training in safe motherhood strategies

Community Health Workers in Njeru, Uganda, after a training by Dr. White (front row, center, in blue)

Dr. White has a reputation for being effective and efficient and committed to the needs of the community. She is held in the highest regard by community health workers, traditional birth attendants and health professionals in the region because she is a woman of her word who goes the extra mile to give her best. She brings out the best in colleagues by building capacity through training or through mentorship or leadership, whether they are community health workers or clinic staff. As a district health officer, I have observed Dr. White for 5 years and found her work to be of the highest quality in her collaboration with the Njeru community. She lets the community set the agenda and then she works with them to achieve their goals.” Anthony Kkonde, MD, Principal Medical Officer, Mukono, Uganda

The skills that Ruth teaches are not usually taught in the classroom, but are nonetheless absolutely necessary for leadership development and successful navigation of complex organizations. Over time, the value of Ruth’s mentorship appreciates: her ability to clarify goals and expectations results in accumulating successes. I recommend her wholeheartedly“. Matthew Bebbington, Associate, Hanover Street Capital.

“Ruth White is a down to earth lady who can use her profession and little resources to change the world. She initiated a project “Safe Motherhood” in Njeru Town Council Uganda. Her ability to involve the community to take the lead was amazing and inspirational to the community leaders and the local NGOs.” Faustine Ngarambe, Executive Director, St. Francis Health Services, Njeru, Uganda

“Dr. White has by far been the most inspirational professor I have had in my entire academic career. The passion Dr. White demonstrates within her lectures have encouraged numerous students to apply themselves beyond their own expectations. Using her unique sense of humor, Dr. White comes across as an extremely accessible and enjoyable lecturer. She can speak to a large group of college students and not only get them all to laugh, but she can also make them feel as though she’s made a personal connection to each and every one of them.
“ Anna Morgan-Mullane LCSW, VP of Mental Health Services, Children of Promise, NYC

Dr. White is an exceptionally gifted professor with real world experience and a driving passion for social change. She not only has passion for her desire and effect on social change, but is a dedicated force multiplier in inspiring others to think BIG and incite change. I only regret that I’ve met her so late in my career. She inspires me to engineer change at every opportunity; I’ve learned I have more power than I ever imagined.“Beverly Nelson, Senior Consulting Professional

Ruth is a charismatic, passionate, and brilliant academic who both inspires and challenges her students.“ Jourdan McGinn, Director of Program Design, One Acre Fund Kenya