Mental Wellness Consulting

Through her company WellMindPlus Dr. White helps organizations create happier and healthier workplaces and workforces through workplace policies and programs that promote mental health and well-being.


Dr. White’s holistic, science-driven approach to mental health and well-being focuses on sleep, nutrition, active lifestyle and personal relationships (SNAP) as a way to build emotional resilience. Dr. White also applies the latest research to develop evidence-based organizational and personal strategies for stress management and reducing burnout in the workplace. Many studies have shown that work stress is the most significant source of stress for American adults, and stress is a major cause of many physical and mental illnesses. Managing stress improves health, quality of life and relationships with significant people in one’s lives.

2014 report from PwC showed that there is a return of $2.30 for each $1 spent on workplace mental health. The benefits of SNAP to an organization is increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, lower health and disability costs, increased employee engagement and increased retention.

Dr. White is an active mental health advocate who has appeared in Women’s HealthHuffington Post, and Woman’s Day. She is also a member of The Stability Network: an organization that promotes mental health and well-being at work and in the community. She works to decrease the stigma of mental illness by infusing theoretical understandings of stigma with her own story of illness, recovery and resilience.