Public Speaking

Ruth WhiteWith more than 20 years of speaking to thousands of people in trade organizations, corporations, governments, non-profits, communities and classrooms across the globe, Dr. White delivers talks with an engaging style, relevant content and a dash of humor, that engage, inspire, educate, and motivates audiences to transform their organizations and their lives. She has built a reputation for thought-provoking keynotes, lectures, presentations and workshops that lead to paradigm shifts, organizational change and personal growth.

Speaking / Workshops / Seminars

  • Improving Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging: Customized for the organization
  • Managing for Mental Wellness: Individual and organizational strategies for preventing burnout/compassion fatigue by building emotional resilience.
  • Success with Less Stress: Healthier and happier workplaces and workforces through organizational design and individual stress management techniques and lifestyle changes.
  • No Stigma: De-stigmatize mental illness and change the narrative from hazard to hope
  • Mental Health at Work: How organizations and their employees can mediate
  • Mentally Well: Lifestyle hacks for mental wellness and emotional resilience

Destigmatizing Mental Illness
All-day Workshop
Los Angeles Dept of Mental Health
June 25, 2019

LGBTQ+ Unity Summit
Wells Fargo HQ
San Francisco, June 11, 2019

Balancing for Better
Gender Inclusion Workshop
Gainsight, February 27, 2019

Past clients include: Los Angeles Department of Mental Health, NAACP, JPMorganChase, Gainsight, Network on Social Work Management, Public Counsel, Engineers Without Borders, National Alliance on Mental Illness, Belize Red Cross, Uganda Ministry of Health.

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