Mental Health Coach, Educator & Advocate

snap_web4 Steps to Mental Wellness

SNAP focuses on the mind/body connection and promotes mental – and physical – well-being through a holistic approach using the latest scientific research to influence mental health and mental well being.

Most health conditions can be prevented or improved with good health behaviors. But research shows that less than 20% of doctors discuss good health habits with their clients and most focus on intervention when people are sick and not on prevention.

With graduate degrees in social work and public health, and a background as an elite athlete and outdoor enthusiast, Dr. White guides motivates and supports clients in creating a lifestyle that keeps you happy and healthy

Dr. White discovered the science behind SNAP on the path of her own journey of living successfully with a chronic mental health condition. Her holistic, science-based strategies not only decrease the negative impacts of stress on the mind and body, they reduce the likelihood of depression and anxiety, and provide the foundation for a lifestyle that promotes health and well-being.

The benefits of SNAP to an organization is increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, lower health and disability costs, increased employee engagement and increased retention. A 2014 report from PwC showed that there is a return of $2.30 for each $1 spent on workplace mental health.

Dr. White is also an active mental health advocate who has appeared in Women’s Health for Mental Health month 2016, Huffington Post, and is part of The Stability Network: an organization that promotes mental health and well-being at work and in the community. She works to decrease the stigma of mental illness by infusing theoretical understandings of stigma with her own story of illness, recovery and success.

Her current book project is based on the principles of SNAP as the foundation for mental well-being.