Public Speaking

Ruth WhiteWith more than 20 years of speaking to thousands of people in trade organizations, corporations, governments, non-profits, communities and classrooms across the globe, Dr. White delivers talks with an engaging style, relevant content and a dash of humor, that engage, inspire, educate, and motivates audiences to transform their organizations and their lives. She has built a reputation for thought-provoking keynotes, lectures, presentations and workshops that lead to paradigm shifts, organizational change and personal growth.

Speaking / Workshops / Seminars

  • Managing for Mental Wellness: Prevent burnout and create healthier and happier workplaces and workforces
  • Mentally Well: Lifestyle hacks for mental wellness and emotional resilience
  • Success with Less Stress: Live a healthier and happier life
  • Banishing Burnout: Build engaging workplaces and engaged workforces
  • Model Citizen:  Beyond corporate social responsibility to connecting your business with local communities
  • A Step Up:  Essential management skills for social workers to move from front-line to back-end
  • From Disaster to Deterrence: Shifting from crisis intervention to crisis prevention in mental health services
  • Crazy but Competent: Destigmatize mental illness and change the narrative from hazard to hope

Past clients include: JPMorgan Chase, Engineers Without Borders, National Alliance on Mental Illness, Belize Red Cross, Uganda Ministry of Health and universities across the globe.